Bus Sign-Up from Camino Real

We will provide transportation from the Camino Real Hotel to and from the following events:

Friday Night Party - Hotel Downtown

Saturday - American School Tour

Saturday Night - Hacienda de los Morales

Please answer the following:



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1)   * AHS School Tour on Saturday- how many people in your group will take the tour?

  0 - I will NOT attend

for example "1" for yourself or "2" for you and a spouse/child/friend, etc
2)   * I need transportation to/from the Camino Real Hotel for the following events:

  Friday Night Event at the Downtown
  Saturday daytime tour of the AHS
  Saturday Night Event at the Hacienda de los Morales
  None - I will provide my own transportation

We will provide bus transportation for our group - meeting times and locations will be provided at the event. Keep in mind that UBER works very well in Mexico City so download the app and use it when necessary (like if you are late and miss our bus).
3)   * Are you staying at the Camino Real Hotel?

Yes No
Some people are staying at other hotels in the area or with friends/family but we want to get a sense for how many of us are using the Camino Real.